Map. History of Belarus conflict

21 January 2018
3 day ago
Belarus denies plans to deploy new military bases of the Russian Federation
1 week ago
Lukashenko ordered to deal with border control at the border with Russia
Franak Viacorka: I am detained in Chisinau airport by border guards just after I said that I work for Radio Liberty
2 week ago
The Belarusian authorities decided to close the Consulate General in Odesa
A new case of patriots against Andrey Belyavsky has moved to court2 week ago
A new "case of patriots" against Andrey Belyavsky has moved to court
The villagers protested against paper plant near Svetlahorsk
The CIS leaders gathered for an informal summit in Moscow3 week ago
The CIS leaders gathered for an informal summit in Moscow
3 week ago
Lukashenka's sociologists: up to 1 million Belarusians ready to protest
1 month ago
Tripartite Minsk contact group agreed "New Year and Christmas" truce starting 23 December midnight
1 month ago
At the talks in Minsk unresolved controversy about the extension of the work of the JCCC in the Donbass
1 month ago
TASS: Zhirinovsky expects former territories of the USSR to voluntarily return to Russia.
1 month ago
Tripartite meeting of Minsk agreements contact group started in capital of Belarus
1 month ago
Verkhovna Rada to propose to change Belarus as host of peace talks(cause allying with Russia)
Yelchenko: interesting fact: 6 of the 26 votes against the Crimean resolution - by CIS countries. So much for "friends"!
1 month ago
The US is waging an undeclared hybrid war against CIS - Naryshkin
1 month ago
Putin will hold meeting with heads of the CIS special services
1 month ago
BelPartisan: Lukashenko to rule Belarus till 2025? No election until then.
1 month ago
An official statement by Belarus Ministry of Information on @belpartisan: The site regularly published "illegal information".
1 month ago
Lukashenka's Government has blocked one of the most popular independent news portal The website and its IP are not accessible for Belarus users since yesterday night.
1 month ago
Lukashenko says he will have "hard talk" with Putin
Russia's 2nd Air Defense Division headquartered in Khvoynyy, Leningrad Oblast has likely added an S-400 battalion to replace some S-300PS systems.
Russia to pre-deploy tanks at bases in Belarus
MP Milonov to Brazil, India, China, South Africa, Belarus and Kazakhstan: "I suggest you demonstrate solidarity with our country and withdraw from participating in the Olympics"
1 month ago
Minsk hosts meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group on East-Ukraine settlement
1 month ago
Belarus state TV compares Belsat TV with ISIS
1 month ago
Russia to equip Belarus army in case of 'growing threat to Union State' – document
France stops large shipment of radioactive Belarus mushrooms.
Putin takes part in a Collective Security Treaty Organisation session in Minsk1 month ago
Putin takes part in a Collective Security Treaty Organisation session in Minsk
Belarus will continue to provide all-round support and assistance to the development of Belarus-China partnership: president Xi
1 month ago
Belarusian media report that Russia intends to open new military bases in Belarus in 2018. Belarusian MoD does not comment so far