Map. History of Belarus conflict

25 June 2017
Photo: joint Serbia-Russia-Belarus drill Slavic Brotherhood 2017
Tank hit an electric pole during military parade rehearsal in Minsk
Rehearsal of military parade in Minsk
Damaged tank after hit an electrical pole in Minsk
Russian FM: We need to revisit agreements with Belarus
Lavrov on "the danger of Russia occupying Belarus under the guise of military exercises": It's difficult to imagine more utter nonsense.
Jan Szyszko: we want Bialowiezka Forest to be the example for whole Europe
Belarus receives first batch of CS/VN3 armoured vehicles from China
Belarus signs contract to purchase 12 Su-30SM fighters from Russia
The Ministry of Defense announced the second largest in 2017 exercises in Western military District
US concerned Russian military exercises in Sept could be cover for aggression; will send extra troops to Baltics
Serbia-Russia-Belarus drill Slavic Brotherhood near Brest
Lithuania calls Ostrovets NPP not safe: numerous casualties and incidents reported, lack of information from BY
Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin has said in an interview that the West is “genetically” predisposed to dislike Slavs
Belarus citizen Mikhailo Zhiznevsky who was killed at Maidan was awarded "Hero of Ukraine" posthumously
Belarus handed MMA champion Murad Amriev over to Chechen police, who will take him to Chechnya
Lukashenko passed KGB archives to Nazarbayev related to Stalin-era concentration camp for women in North Kazakhstan
"Slavic Brootherhood" drill has started near Brest
Six Russian Il-76 military transport aircraft have arrived to Belarus
The contact group concluded negotiations in Minsk, the next meeting is scheduled for June 21
Vitsebsk: Unemployed man threatens to blow up police station
300 Russian paratroopers arrived in Brest for drill "Slavic brotherhood 2017"(With Serbia, Russia and Belarus)
First pictures of the T-72B3 Obr.2016 interior(for Belarus). Shot during the handing over to Belarus Army
M20 (DF-12) SRBM appears in Belarus
Some photos from MILEX in Minsk, Belarus
PHOTO: Belarusian UAV's on display at the MILEX-2017 exhibition
Russia has restricted the supply of dairy products from Belarus
National Assembly of Belarus have canceled 40 laws imposed by Supreme Council
Lukashenko will hold talks with Serbian President Nikolic on May 18
Photo: Putin, Nazarbayev, Mirziyoev, Lukashenko, Atambayev in Beijing