Map. History of Belarus conflict

17 October 2017
Russian Mindef video: training of Russian airborne troops and Belarus SOF in Pskov region
President Lukashenka of Belarus is Europe's longest serving leader (in power since 1994)
CIS defence ministers have agreed on joint plan to enhance Joint CIS Air Defenсe System
Ukrainian doctors were not allowed to 19-year-old Pavel Grib, who is in jail in Krasnodar
Russian Mindef: Joint drill of Russian and Belarus SOF
Belarus not going to host foreign military bases or wage war - FM Makey
Maduro goes to Belarus ahead of visit to Russia, posts pictures on Instagram.
Joint Russia-Belarus-Armenia-Kazakhstan drill starts today in Russian South military district
Moscow denies Ukraine's accusation that it left troops in Belarus
Russia has left troops behind after staging war games in Belarus despite promising not to, Ukraine’s Commander in Chief Viktor Muzhenko told Reuters.
Russia left troops in Belarus after wargames: Ukraine
Border Service of Ukraine says, its DA-42 didn't violate Belarus air space, attaches air tracking
Patrol aircraft of border guards service did not violate the border with Belarus - Slobodian
Belarus claims violation of airspace by Ukrainian DA-42 aircraft
Smolensk. 27.09 5pm Engineering troops to Krasny Bor
In the Belgorod region started tactical exercises with units of motorized infantry regiment of Russian Western Military district
Azerbaijan’s Defense Minister meets Belarusian Ambassador
Flares and hidden faces: Belarus Embassy reports ‘anti-Belarusian’ rally in Kyiv
Unknown location
Military convoy in Belarus on 22 September
20 SEP: The approximate routing of 2x Tu-22M3 aircraft - RNoAF F16s EG01 flight and Icelandic Air Policing USAF F-15s scrambled to intercept
[email protected] tells @LizClaman: @POTUS and Sec. Mattis have said they are ready to support Ukraine with military and technical cooperation.
Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov is to visit Minsk, Belarus, on 25 September
Russian troops leave Belarus after #Zapad2017.
Bal/Bal-E Coastal missile complex during Zapad2017 drills
1st Tank Army T-72B3 mod. 2016 During Zapad2017 Russia-Belarus drills.
Interfax: Administrations of Smolensk and Smolensk Oblast evacuated due to bomb threats.
Russian Mindef: During Zapad 2017 Airborne troops destroyed "militants" units in Pskov region
Pravdinsky, Kaliningrad Region, Russia: Baltic Fleet land forces undergoing live-firing drills. #Zapad2017
Russian Mindef: landing of airborne troops at Zapad-2017 drill
Russian corvette Soobrazitelnyy took part in Zapad-2017 drills Baltic Sea, launched X-35 missile with Uran anti-ship system