Map. History of Belarus conflict

24 August 2017
Video "all you need to know about Zapad-2017" maneuvers in Belorussian
Ukrainian chief of staff sends 2 monitors to watch joint Russia-Belarus drills on 16-20 September
Minsk ceasefire contact group meeting started
Chief of Staff of Russia Gerasimov arrived at area of drills of Russia and Belarus
New Minsk meeting scheduled for 23 August
Russia has provided Belarus a loan to repay previous debt
Lukashenko called satiety of Belarusians condition for peace in the country
Alexander Feduta: Belarusian special services will betray Lukashenko before a Russian special forces came here
Turchynov: At the "West-2017" Russia can prepare a invasion of Ukraine
Zapad: Russian jets over Lida, Belarus
Belarus Foreign Ministry confirms @kvolker meeting now with Putin's point man for Ukraine conflict, Vladislav Surkov, behind closed doors.
Meeting of Kurt Volker and Vladislav Surkov began in Minsk
In Brest the staff of the gas station were evacuated due to the discovery of coffee pack with fire
Head of Polish Television has threatened to close the "Belsat"
US special envoy for Ukraine Kurt Volker and RU Vladislav Surkov to meet closed-door today in Minsk, Belarus.
#Zapad2017, joint Russia|n-Belarusian military exercise will include 7 locations in Belarus in Sept
Police removed tents and banners of activists in Barauliany
Posters against the Russian army appeared in Brest. "Where Russian army - there is a war"
Latvia received [email protected]_russia invitation to observe exercise #Zapad17
The Belarusian opposition leader Statkevich was sentenced in absentia, to 15 days of arrest
Russian military forces tasked with logistic and technical support for the joint strategic exercise Zapad-2017 will arrive in Belarus, the Defense Ministry reports
In Belarus arrested the car with the numbers of "LNR"
Russia and Belarus to hold command drill on 21-25 August, as part of preparations for Zapad drill
Belarus defense Ministry invited 80 international observers to the military exercises "Zapad-2017"
Putin sends order for unification of the air defence systems of Russia and Belarus to the State Duma for ratification.
Ukraine General Staff: Russia forms offensive army in Belarus
Korla range of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. Egyptian, Belarussian, Russian and Chinese troops.
Military echelon at Minsk-Paunocny
Exports of agricultural products and food of Belarus in 2017 could be around $6 billion
2 to be prosecuted for white-red-white flag at the festival of beer in Minsk