Map. History of Belarus conflict

17 January 2018
6 日 前
Lukashenko ordered to deal with border control at the border with Russia
Franak Viacorka: I am detained in Chisinau airport by border guards just after I said that I work for Radio Liberty
1 週 前
The Belarusian authorities decided to close the Consulate General in Odesa
A new case of patriots against Andrey Belyavsky has moved to court2 週 前
A new "case of patriots" against Andrey Belyavsky has moved to court
The villagers protested against paper plant near Svetlahorsk
The CIS leaders gathered for an informal summit in Moscow
3 週 前
Lukashenka's sociologists: up to 1 million Belarusians ready to protest
4 週 前
Tripartite Minsk contact group agreed "New Year and Christmas" truce starting 23 December midnight
4 週 前
At the talks in Minsk unresolved controversy about the extension of the work of the JCCC in the Donbass
TASS: Zhirinovsky expects former territories of the USSR to voluntarily return to Russia.
4 週 前
Tripartite meeting of Minsk agreements contact group started in capital of Belarus
Verkhovna Rada to propose to change Belarus as host of peace talks(cause allying with Russia)
Yelchenko: interesting fact: 6 of the 26 votes against the Crimean resolution - by CIS countries. So much for "friends"!
The US is waging an undeclared hybrid war against CIS - Naryshkin
Putin will hold meeting with heads of the CIS special services
4 週 前
BelPartisan: Lukashenko to rule Belarus till 2025? No election until then.
1 月 前
An official statement by Belarus Ministry of Information on @belpartisan: The site regularly published "illegal information".
1 月 前
Lukashenka's Government has blocked one of the most popular independent news portal The website and its IP are not accessible for Belarus users since yesterday night.
1 月 前
Lukashenko says he will have "hard talk" with Putin
Russia's 2nd Air Defense Division headquartered in Khvoynyy, Leningrad Oblast has likely added an S-400 battalion to replace some S-300PS systems.
Russia to pre-deploy tanks at bases in Belarus
MP Milonov to Brazil, India, China, South Africa, Belarus and Kazakhstan: "I suggest you demonstrate solidarity with our country and withdraw from participating in the Olympics"
1 月 前
Minsk hosts meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group on East-Ukraine settlement
1 月 前
Belarus state TV compares Belsat TV with ISIS
1 月 前
Russia to equip Belarus army in case of 'growing threat to Union State' – document
France stops large shipment of radioactive Belarus mushrooms.
Putin takes part in a Collective Security Treaty Organisation session in Minsk1 月 前
Putin takes part in a Collective Security Treaty Organisation session in Minsk
Belarus will continue to provide all-round support and assistance to the development of Belarus-China partnership: president Xi
1 月 前
Belarusian media report that Russia intends to open new military bases in Belarus in 2018. Belarusian MoD does not comment so far
In Slutsk, Belarus, activists held a rally to commemorate the 1920 Slutsk anti-Soviet uprising